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Ubuntu in governance

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There are so many concepts that I believe are intrinsically African but which have been introduced as global terms and concepts.  For instance this concept of networks and social networking in particular.  The other one is this notion of building or reaching consensus.  For us all of these were practiced as part of African life. I guess part of our challenge as Africans is that there are so many things which to us where obvious patterns of behaviour and action and thus we did not feel a need to dissect it and explain what was "normal".  Its the same thing which plagues our system of healing, African medicine. 


If we as healers of the nation do not speak out at abuse in our communities, who will?

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There is an absolutely horrible event that took place in Soweto which is the abduction and gang rape of a 17 year old by a group of young men who were not content just to abuse this human being, but saw fit to further abuse her by recording the incident on a cell phone and distributing the offending video.  What is the matter with us as a society when our young children are so violent?  What is the matter with us as a society that this video apparently went viral on the internet with people viewing and in my opinion, participating, in the abuse of this young woman?  What is wrong with us as a society when the vulnerable of our society are not safe to walk the streets of our communities? 

As custodians of culture and the healers of the nation, we need to start asking questions of ourselves and our communities. What is happening to our parenting?  We can't be silent! Not on this! Not on matters where we can clearly see that our society is in trouble!!



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