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Welcome to Mphutungwane

Be aware of policies being made which affect your cultural practices!!

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Sanibonani from a very wet Northriding. I realized that I live a fragmented life although it's quite interconnected. What I'm referring to specifically here is that I keep aspects of my "day" job out of this site when in fact it fits together.  My job involves Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) of which traditional medicine in an important part of. Just look up the IKS Policy and you'll have a better idea about what I'm talking about.

Last night I did not sleep well at.  I've been at a 2 day IKS Conference convened by Department of Science & Technology. Ukuqwasha kwami (my sleeplessness) is has nothing to do with the conference as such, but is because of the decisions we make and implement on a policy level which have an impact on izinto zedlozi. 

All I will say is this, all of us who read this blog and others like it need to be more proactive in our engagements with policies which affect our traditional and spiritual practices. If we don't, decisions will be made on our behalf which will profoundly affect our culture. I'm not saying they are bad or good. But you need to know what's happening which affects you. Ngiyabonga. 


About to cement a new relationship? Ever heard of "indoda yosizi"? Read this first!!

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We often underestimate how much another person's issues can have an effect on us. This is especially true when we are engaging in new partnerships, be they a business or a romantic. Here is something that you need to consider which my experience shows me is more important than whether you like each other or not. What is the state of your prospective partner's umsamo or what energy surrounds them? Is your partner supported by their amaDlozi or does your partner have "indoda yosizi"? What is this "indoda yosizi" you may ask? This is a concept that was taught by my teacher, uGogo uMaNdlovu kaMngwengwe.


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