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Welcome to Mphutungwane

New thinking in 2013

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Sanibonani in 2013! The latter part of 2012 for me was spent contemplating my purpose and goals in this lifetime. It's an obsession with me to always look at where I am at and to feel if this is where I want to be or even like being.  

Eckhart Tolle reminds me that as humans our thinking is repetitive and based on all our prior experiences. This got me thinking, when was the last time I had an original thought? When was the last time my response was based on original thinking and not some past emotions and experiences? I was also reminded by rewatching "What the Bleep do we know?" that the brain cannot distinguish between something that happened to you physicallly and what you have imagined. This is why it's so important to be aware of the things that you expose your brain to. With all this thinking happening, I'm introducing a few changes to my routine in 2013.The main one being in relation to how and when I have individual sessions with people.  


The changed face of Traditional Healing

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The way traditional medicine is practiced throughout the world has changed.  There have had to be adjustments made in order to cope with the changing nature of the world.  This is the same for African Traditional Medicine (ATM) and yet there is a seeming reluctance for us traditional healers to change with the times instead of letting the times change us.  Let me explain myself.


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