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Welcome to Mphutungwane

My Vision

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Today I wish I had the ability to draw.  I would put on canvas the vision I had last night which for me is a true representation of the way life both seen and unseen is structured.  The actual scene in my dream played out based on the troubles I have in my life right now, but the outlines where really a representation of the way things are.

My Dream Briefly

In my dream, my husband and I were on a journey to meet the person who was meant to assist us with one of the challenges we are facing at the moment.  We traveled through this place which was absolutely breathtaking in its beauty with trees that were as tall as one could see.  The trees had different coloured barks and texturesand there was lots of beautiful fresh looking water.  The "sky" was pitch black and studded with stars.  It was so close that it felt like we could touch the heavens.  (We weren't the only people on this journey.) As we got closer we had to cross the rivers which we had been walking alongside.  We crossed and then came to this building which was just stunning in its design as well as its fittings inside.  We entered the lift which had sweet treats inside which we could have.  Eventually we got to the top of the building where we were to meet this person who would help.  Needless to say he wasn't there and there were others in front of us to see him.  While my husband was getting his number for the queue, I went to look outside.  We were very high up, but even higher on 2 levels were these TALL buildings one reaching into the "sky".  I could not see inside because it was far away even in its height, but I could also see below us to normal buildings.

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Not yet Uhuru!

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There is a song by Letta Mbulu which is titled and says "Not yet Uhuru".  I believe "Uhuru" is the Swahili language word for "Free".  In so many ways she is right.  I've been struggling to put into perspective my impressions of the conference I attended recently, not because of the quality or anything like that, but because it has brought home to me that truly we are not yet free.  (In the Healers Portal, you will find an article attached from The Sunday Times of 9Aug which speaks to the contents of this article).

Background on the Conference
The conference was about Indiginous Plant Use and it is basically where all universities and other researchers in the country present papers on the research that they are carrying out on Indigenous Plants and their reported uses.  Reported uses by Traditional Healers I may add. The papers are good, also the amount of research which is happening is amazing. (Google "Research Traditional African Medicines" and you will see for yourself what I am talking about.)

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