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Breaking The Stigma

The major aim for me in forming Mphutungwane and in particular this website, is to enable the information that I have and believe in about African healing as a comprehensive, respectable and effective healing discipline to be disseminated. Maybe then a proper and robust discussion and debate about the role of African healers in the 21st Century and beyond can be entered into.

There is a lot of scepticism surrounding being a Sangoma or an Inyanga in Africa today. Sadly this is frowned upon more by the very people whose culture and history is part and parcel of African healers. This for me is particularly sad and it has strengthened my resolve to destigmatise iZangoma ne Zinyanga in whatever way that I can.

I will be attempting to put into English what I know in Zulu. Sometimes I’ll be able to write completely in English, but often times will have to include Zulu words with the English text. This will be the case when there is no simple English equivalent. These Zulu words will be clearly explained in the Glossary of terms which is part of the site. I must hasten to add however that a lot can be lost in translation.

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Consulting a Sangoma

First time visits to iSangoma are always a little tricky because people never know what to expect. The most important thing though is that I have yet to meet a Sangoma who places a time limit on consultations as would happen with other alternative healers for instance. It is important therefore that you as the client consider those still to follow when you are in your consultation.This will be a general guide only based primarily on how I handle consultations ...

Myths about African Healers | Amanda Gcabashe | Monday, 2 March 2009

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Differences between iSangoma neNyanga

One is born with the abilities of being a Sangoma.  This gift is initiated through your family (can be both or one of your maternal or paternal lineage).  With time though, any other soul with a desire to work through you may do so.  Izangoma are able to communicate with ancestors through various different gifts that each one has been born with. In addition, iZangoma serve as dream interpreters able to assist those who have visions to decipher these and explain them. Dreams are an important ...

Myths about African Healers | Amanda Gcabashe | Monday, 2 March 2009

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Myths about iZangoma

Ok, so here are myths about iZangoma which I had. I am living proof that these statements/generalisations are not true. As I get asked more questions which I believe speak to the myths, I will populate this sections.  Myth 1 – iZangoma do not believe in a GodGrowing up I knew that iZangoma do not pray nor have anything to do with God. They pray to their ancestors/guides (amadlozi). This is not true. It’s a legacy of missionaries and how ...

Myths about African Healers | Amanda Gcabashe | Monday, 2 March 2009

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