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Siyabhodla! That is our culture!

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One of the signs of someone who has a dominant spirit of amaNdawo is ukubhodla (burping with a difference!). This is something that culturally aware people accept, and yet it causes much distress for those who find themselves in spaces where they are surrounded by unaware people which is often the case in most corporate environments.

We need to educate our fellow South Africans about what signs we display when we have a gift.  Buddhists have their own way of  identifying the reincarnated spirits of their leaders, so do we. And yet for the thousands of young men and women who find themselves with the physical manifestations of the ancestral spirits, life becomes a struggle in our very own Africa because everything is seen through a westernized eye and not an Africanised one! 


We are Africans who have adopted western technologies. We are not western Africans. There is a difference in this. For as long as corporates and individuals do not get this, we will always find a people marginalized for displaying their Africanness whether voluntarily or as is the case with manifestations of our ancestral spirits, involuntarily. This is not burping because of indigestion or a sign or someone being impolite, as our western leaning society thinks. This is a special sign of the presence of our ancestors.

We need to accept and talk about our own very special and uniquely African signs of abantu abadala! Philani, MAD-G


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