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Ubuntu bethu- Usiko lokuphekisa

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Heritage day weekend, I was at my idlozi home where the children there held a ceremony yokubuyisa or ukukhuphula of our mother uDumazile Ndlovu kaMngwengwe who passed on in 2010. As a Sangoma, this was the second such ceremony for her, the first one being 6 months after she passed. (more on that in another article).

I was reminded of ubuntu bethu (our Africanness) by the wonderful tradition of ukuphekisa.  This is where those invited to a function, come with different types of food to help with the cooking. This tradition makes a family function, a community function because aside from the animals sacrificed which have to be from the family holding the ceremony, everything else can and is often contributed by the community. 

When we left for our respective homes on Monday, the house was filled with reminders of this unbuntu, the rice, potatoes, onions, cases of cold drinks, cabbages etc.  This is who we are. Let's reclaim it by practicing it. So the next time someone invites you for lunch/ dinner or a ceremony, remember isipheko. What it is does not really matter, it's the thought that counts.  

Ubuntu bethu. Let's reclaim it by practicing it! Philani. MAD-G


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