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Home African Healing African Spirituality About to cement a new relationship? Ever heard of "indoda yosizi"? Read this first!!

About to cement a new relationship? Ever heard of "indoda yosizi"? Read this first!!

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We often underestimate how much another person's issues can have an effect on us. This is especially true when we are engaging in new partnerships, be they a business or a romantic. Here is something that you need to consider which my experience shows me is more important than whether you like each other or not. What is the state of your prospective partner's umsamo or what energy surrounds them? Is your partner supported by their amaDlozi or does your partner have "indoda yosizi"? What is this "indoda yosizi" you may ask? This is a concept that was taught by my teacher, uGogo uMaNdlovu kaMngwengwe.


"Indoda yosizi" can be translated as "the man of sorrow or suffering" and is a metaphorical representation of issues within amaDlozi which cause havoc in their descendant's life. In isiZulu, we say, indoda yosizi ibanga inhlupheko kwi sizukulwane. Just as amaDlozi can be supportive and helpful especially if they are cleansed and aligned(see previous posts for this) there are people who do not have this support for various reasons.  The impact of not having this support in this way, is that they struggle in life and have a tendency to experience more setbacks than expected.  This is "indoda yosizi" in action. 

You may be thinking, thank goodness that's not me. But, did you know that if you enter into a relationship with someone who has indoda yosizi, it has a direct impact on you. Why? Because partnerships of any kind (including marriage and business) are sustained by the collective efforts of all amaDlozi combined, irrespective of whether the other person acknowledges them or not!! (re-read that so you get it!!)


One of our services as healers, is to look at your prospective partners and tell you whether they have issues in their homes which will impact on your partnership. Equally importantly for business people, is to know whether you should be in this partnership (or any other partnership for that matter) at all. 

Experienced repeated failures in your ventures? Ask why, ask what does this mean and is there a message for me. Excessive conflict in your relationships? Again, ask why? What's the message, what's the lesson. Learn to look at every experience as some sort of pointer to something. Life is feedback. At all times! For more on this, see you on the 16th February! Philani. Makhosi Derby-Gcabashe

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