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Our country is a reflection of each one of us- we create it!!!

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Sanibonani, ngithemba sonke sisaphila. I have relatively straight forward visions, which mostly don't need interpretation.  So when I see some of the troubling visions I had some time back come to pass, I'm pushed into speaking up.  We need to take a good look at ourselves if we want to live in a society with different values.

For almost a year now I 've been troubled by visions showing blood shed and mayhem in the country. As we keep moving towards the end of the year, the visions continue with the same texture, but more intense where we seem to be losing even our trust in our neighbours. 


What does what is happening in our society say about us? Our babies are not safe outside their homes. Driving in a car or taxi you may not reach your destination- not because of a car accident, but because of something we call road rage.  Hini leyo??!!! Someone decides they are fed up with politicians and then proceeds to destroy the school where their children/brothers/sisters go.  A 13 year old proclaims that the rock he is carrying is his gun against the police!! Somewhere, a 10 year old girl is being treated as as umfazi!! Is this who we are? Ithina laba! Senzani?? What are we doing?!


If we did not create this, who did? We need to own this and start living the way we say we believe.  

If I say I believe that I must love my neighbour as myself, am I being that way all the time?

If I say I believe that my ancestors are with me, is this place where I want to be when I am an ancestor?

If I say I believe in the principles of Ubuntu, that Umuntu ngu'muntu nga'bantu, am I reflecting that? When I see another, do I realize that the only reason "I am" is because of that other? Do I even see the other?

Ghandi said it well: be the change you want to see in the world. Philani, Makhosi Derby 

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