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Welcome to Mphutungwane

Welcome to Mphutungwane.  Mphutungwane is an attempt by me, Makhosi Amanda Gcabashe, to provide information so we can facilitate a discussion about African Traditional Healers and also to break stigmas and stereotypes that have been allowed to persist unchallenged about us.

The name "Mphutungwane" has sentimental significance to me.  It's my way of paying tribute to the man who made me as strong a woman as I am, unafraid to be bold and to challenge what I think needs challenging.  That man is my father, Patrick Derby.  His nanny called him Mphutungwane as a baby, apparently because he was born without a hair on his body.

I deliberatly chose to distance myself slightly from the site because it is also not meant to be primarily about Amanda. It is an opportunity for the world to begin exploring the ancient wisdom and healing system of Africa which I am priviledged to be privy to by virtue of being a Sangoma.  It's also my own contribution to developing a knowledge base about African Phytomedicines and disease discussions from an African perspective as I am also a trained Inyanga.

African Healers fall into 2 categories, those who connect with the spirit to provide guidance and those who harness nature to heall both physical and spiritual dis-eases.

I hope the journey through this site is one which is eye opening, spiritually uplifting and beautiful.  For Africans I hope it lifts the veils of shame and secrecy which covers the healing art of the most ancient civilisation on earth.  Our knowledge is as ancient as we are and its survival intact is a testament to the strength of the foundations from which we come.

May you be blessed.

Makhosi Amanda Gcabashe


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