Mphutungwane Traditional Healing & Consultation

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Services Offered

Mphutungwane offers the following services...

Individual and Family Consulting (Ukuhlola)

Ukuhlola is when we interact with both our guides (Amadlozi) to find out why things are as they appear in your life.  This can be because of a specific issue which you are currently facing or maybe just a general feeling that there is more to life  or if you feel that you are not well and conventional medicine is not helping you.  Ukuhlola is R300 per session cash or eft prior to session.

Corporate and Business Consulting

I develop and facilitate workshops on Organisational Diversity Management.  These workshops include discussions on Culture and its Impact on the Workplace.
Contact my office at with your requirements and to receive a quote.

I provide business owners with solutions to improve their businesses. These strategies are devised based on the feedback I get from my guides (Amadlozi) about the business, where it is currently positioned and if the business is experiencing feedback from the owner's guides. The cost is dependent on the scope of work which is identified.  You would need ukuhlola first.


I am a campaigner and trainer of iZangoma (ngiyathwasisa).  This requires confirmation firstly from Amadlozi ami that I can take you on as a pupil and permission from your family that you may be a pupil.  The cost of this is explained once we know that we are meant to be each other's teachers! 
Payment is staggered with there being an initial deposit, a payment prior to the first ceremony of ukuvuma idlozi and the final payment prior to the homecoming during the ceremony of ukugeza umcako.

Traditional Wreddings

I consultant to families on the requirements of traditional weddings. This service is particularly useful when families identify with different cultural practices.  It is useful to understand where your intended comes from traditionally speaking in order to be able to combine these two families effectively.  The cost depends on your particular requirements which we can discuss.

African Spirituality

I have designed a series of workshops around the theme of African Spirituality. These cover a wide range of topics which culminate in an understanding of what it means to live according to African spiritual principles.  These workshops are ideal for those who are just curious about their indigenous cultures, their relevance to the 21st century and how to embrace who we are in a modern society. 
Workshops targeting those who feel they may or may not have a calling and what, if anything, this means are also included in the series.


I assist those who are dealing with challenges which affect their career, and just the basic knowing of themselves.  Sometimes one session is not enough to give the guidance, support and challenge required to get you moving.  Those who are interested can commit to 10 weekly sessions where we deal with all those issues.  These sessions are R200 each (R2000 for the 10).  You have to commit to a once a week meeting for this to be effective.

Health Clinic

The clinic side of my practice is where I treat various diseases which have been diagnosed during the consultation or if you already know what the issue is and need help with it.  We use African plant based remedies, supplements, Chinese herbs and Indian herbs.  I believe in a multi-disciplinary approach meaning that if one requires additional treatments from other healing models which I believe in, then you will be refered to a specialist in that field.
The remedies used in the clinic will be available shortly online at

Health Shop is a website where i will have available all the remedies I use in the health clinic as well as bulk raw materials for those who wish to prepare their own remedies.  Various other requirements like imphepho, candles, amabhayi, amacansi etc will also be available via male order as well as from the practice directly.


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