Mphutungwane Traditional Healing & Consultation

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African Healing

This section will look at all aspects of African Healing including the ceremonies that Izangoma or Izinyanga would perform for you at your house, a practical guide to a basic consultation and a look at the physical and non-physical healing which is initiated by an African Healer. 

  • African Spirituality   ( 57 Articles )
    This section will deal specifically with issues which are related to being a Sangoma (uBungoma), a Mthandazi and the practice of ukuhlola/ukubhula.  I will add as I get information and also should there be queries which need detailed answers. 
  • African Medicine   ( 14 Articles )

    This is where more information on the practice of ubunyanga will be found.  All matters relating to African medicines and the science of African Healing will be in this section.   

    I'm not giving any of my own remedies away.  Those are reserved for amathwasa ami as well as those who sign on for training as Inyanga.

  • Amasiko-Traditions   ( 6 Articles )

    I want to start detailing the Traditional Practices which are an inherent part of our culture.  These will range from death practices to coming of age practices.  The order of writing will lso be influenced by the queries I receive. 

     When it comes to Traditional practices people get all stressed by the fact that we have been classified Zulu, Sotho, Pedi etc.  This does not matter.  We all started the same and then had slight variations which have been added over time.  The fundamentals though are one and the same. 

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