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African Medicines in the news
I will include any journals or articles which highlight research into African Phytotherapy.

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file icon Biopirates in the newshot!Tooltip 08/11/2009 Hits: 740
This is an article published in the Sunday Times of 9 August 2009 which speaks directly to the issues I raised in my article titled Not Yet Uhuru.  If we don't stand up and put pressure on the relevant authorities about this issue, we will continue to lose our heritage and natural wealth.
This is a site I visit often in the hopes of finding new information or developments that we (Traditional Healers0 can be part of.  There's not much movement but I believe that it is a start of something interesting.  This is quite a scientific journal, but I believe its a good resource to explore the site. 
From browsing the net, I discovered that there is something called the National Reference Centre for Traditional Medicines which seems to be a collaboration between the Medicines Research Council, The Dept of Health & the CSIR.  This is a journal they published a while back.

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