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Glossary of terms used on this site

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Term Definition

One who is in the process of becoming a Sangoma (ukuthwasa) under the guidance of iNyanga/Sangoma. This usually lasts up to a year but period can be extended if the person is unable to fulfil the obligations of ukuthwasa


Spirit of someone who has passed on having the gift of helping others not necessarily related to the spirit. Will usually “attach” to one person (iSangoma) who acts as an interpreter of whatever “language” that is “spoken” by the spirit. Some spirits are silent speaking telepathically or through the use of symbols (usually bones) and others speak out loud for themselves (Abalozi)


Roots, herbs, tree bark, leaves & various animal products used in the herbal pharmacy of an iNyanga for the treatment of both physical disease as well as spiritual diseases as diagnosed by a Sangoma or Umthandazi. Methods of use include ukuchata, uuphalaza, ukuquma, ukuncinda ukugcaba nokuchela


Beaded hairstyle worn by iZangoma that is created using wool and beads of various colours predominantly white


Fragrant dried plant that is burnt as an incense prior to speaking to Amadlozi. Can be mixed with church incense or camphor blocks when being burnt. sssIt can also be used as umuthi for various spiritual diseases

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