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Glossary of terms used on this site

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Term Definition

One who has been trained in the collection, preparation and dispensing of imithi. One who has acquired knowledge of the various imithi mixtures that can cure physical and spiritual dis-ease


One who has the inborn ability to decipher the language of amadlozi including the interpreting of dreams


Literal translation is “the messenger”. Communicates telepathically and through visions and sounds with Umthandazi. Usually a spirit that prayed quite a lot whilst still on earth


Water that has been prayed for and dispensed by an umthandazi. Sometimes various types of salts are added to this water. Sometimes a match is extinguished in this water as part of the blessing and strengthening process. It can be consumed in various ways, including used to ukuphalaza nokuchata


One who is in the process of becoming a Sangoma (ukuthwasa) under the guidance of iNyanga/Sangoma. This usually lasts up to a year but period can be extended if the person is unable to full fill the obligations of ukuthwasa

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