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Glossary of terms used on this site

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Term Definition

One who has the inborn ability to decipher the language of amadlozi including the interpreting of dreams


Medicine that is burnt to ward off evil spirits. Contains various protective oils, plants and in some cases animal parts. Used when people can't sleep, when there is negative energy around the home.


One who has been trained in the collection, preparation and dispensing of imithi. One who has acquired knowledge of the various imithi mixtures that can cure physical and spiritual dis-ease


Goat gall bladders worn on the head by iZangoma after they have made animal sacrifices for varying reasons including ukuthwasa. These can be attached to a hat with imiyeko or if required are worn directly on the head. In the case of a cow’s gall bladder this is rolled into a bracelet to be worn on the hand of the person who had the cow slaughtered for them, isiphandla


Animal skin “bracelets” worn by anyone who has made an animal sacrifice or who has had a sacrifice made on for them to the ancestors for various reasons. For a Sangoma these can also be worn on the ankles and the knees. A cow gall bladder is also worn in this fashion

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